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American Harvest

American Harvest ©Jenness Cortez

© Jenness Cortez
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    Acrylic on mahogany panel, 30 by 36 inches

    George Inness (1825-1894)
      Peace and Plenty, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, NY
    Daguerreotype of Henry David Thoreau by Benjamin D. Maxham
    Photograph: “George Inness seated in his studio,” (detail), E. S. Bennett, 1890
    Clock: Samuel Knibb (1625-c.1670) London, 1665, private collection
    Cornelius Kierstede (1674-c.1757) Silver bowl, private collection New York, NY
    Thomas Sully (1783-1872)
      The Torn Hat, Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA

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