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Road to Wounded Knee

"Road to Wounded Knee" by Jenness Cortez ©2015

© Jenness Cortez
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    Acrylic on mahogany panel, 20 by 16 inches

    Portrait of General George Armstrong Custer, photograph from a glass plate negative,
      May 23, 1865, photographer unknown

    Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotake) 1834-1890, Sioux Native American leader killed
      December 15, 1890 by Indian agency police on the Standing Rock Indian
      Reservation during an attempt to arrest him, photographer unknown.

    Ledger book of drawings by Sitting Bull, started in 1882 while a prisoner at
      Fort Randall, Dakota Territory. Bureau of American Ethnology,
      Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

    Western Union Telegram sent by a reporter to the “Black Hills Pioneer” Newspaper,
      Deadwood, South Dakota five days after the death of Sitting Bull.
      Received at Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota, December 20, 1890, 8PM.
Message text: “Expedition friendlies after Badland hostiles just departing. Wild scene. Squaws death chant heard in every direction. Think hostiles may be brought in. Troops and Pine Ridge Indians impatient at long delay; civilians indignant. Leave for home tomorrow.” Signed: B


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