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The Game Changer


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Acrylic on Linen, 48 by 26 inches

Homage to: Hans Holbein the Younger (1497-1543)
   “King Henry VIII” c.1540
   “Jane Seymour”
   “Anne of Cleves”
   “Katherine Howard”
   “Edward VI”
Also depicted:
“Katherine of Aragon” by Michiel Sittow (1469-1525)
“Anne Boleyn” anonymous
“Katherine Parr” by William Scrots (active 1537-53)
“Pope Clement VII” by Sebastiano del Piombo c.1531
“Elizabeth I” attributed to: Isaac Oliver (c.1565-1617)
Map commemorating the union of Wales and England, 1537
Ships Roll “The Anthony Roll” gift of Anthony Anthony, 1546
Globe by Gerard Mercator, 1541
Medal by Hans Schwartz “Defender of the Faith,” 1524
Chess pieces by Faberge commissioned by Czar Nicholas II, 1905
Jenness Cortez Self-Portrait


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