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The Legend Makers

The Legend Makers

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    Acrylic on mahogany panel, 24 by 36 inches

    Homage to:
    Frederic Remington (1861-1909)
      A Dash for the Timber  Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, TX
      The Wounded Bunkie  Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, AL

    Charles M. Russell (1864-1926)
      Men of the Open Range  (detail) Mackay Collection, Montana Historical Society, Helena, MT
      When I Was a Kid  Frederic G. and Ginger K. Renner Collection, Paradise Valley, AZ

    Photograph of William F. Cody by George Stacy, c. 1895
    Cast metal cowboy figures, England, c. 1930
Texas Ranger Company C badge, circa 1900, made from 1893 Mexican peso
Cast iron spurs by North and Judd Mfg., c. 1865



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